Mr.Muthu Venkata Selvam :

Muthu Venkata Selvam- Co- Founder of AQVASTAR started this brand with his partners who are industry experts in Pool & Irrigation. With his extensive knowledge in Irrigation, Fountain & Pool industry for the last 25+ years he'd ventured this out with flying colours.

Muthu was the Managing Director of Certikin headed the local team in India, who had a long track record of working with Certikin' product range.

Muthu started with his career in 1992 with Pump Division of Batliboi to market their pumps in Coimbatore and then moved in 1994 to Al Ansari, a Muscat based marketing company as an irrigation specialist.

He spent 10 years in Muscat with Al Ansari and held several leadership positions. In this period he worked with some very special products in International market, from Certikin, Rainbird, PEM, AOSmith etc. Muthu has been trained by Certikin , UK for Pool products & by Rainbird,USA for central control systems in Irrigation at their facilities in US & France during this period.

He moved back to India Thirteen years ago to head the marketing activities of a new Omani-Indian Joint venture company associated with ESSENCO.

Later he shifted to Certikin, A FLUIDRA company in 2008 to setup their Indian operations & head the Indian entity of the company from its Bangalore office.

With CERTIKIN he'd worked with product specialist companies like Fontana, Safe Rain, Cepex, Bermad,Azud and created market for their products.

He was part of Swimming pool standards created by Indian Plumbing Association ( IPA) in relation with SPATA & PWTAG

He had written an article in Indian Plumbing Today ( IPT) about piping system in pool as "Hydraulics in swimming pool piping".

Mr.Sadasivam :

Sadasivam, the Co-founder of Aqvastar, was born on June 15, 1972. He pursued his life-long passion of Agriculture by graduating from Agricultural Engineering College and Research Institute - Coimbatore (TNAU - Tamilnadu Agriculture University) with a degree in Bachelor of Agriculture Engineering.

He began his career as one of the youngest Irrigation Design Engineer in Irrigation Industry at PRAGTI IRRIGATION SYSTEMS PVT LTD, Nashik. Beginning in 1996, he became the youngest person to achieve the lofty position as Founder in Kaveri Irrigations. Later, he went on to become the Founder of Shiva Exports (Erode), Innovative Plumbing Solutions (Bangalore), Softscape technologies (Chennai) all while in his 30's.

He in his own country with a steadfast determination to ''Do Irrigation the right way.'' There, he planted the seed that ultimately led him to achieve the Green dream. He conquered all challenges by remaining devoted to his firm belief that ''risks present opportunities.''

Fuelled by his ambition to create the most reliable Irrigation company in the world, he joined with RAIN BIRD as a South Indian Authorized Distributor. This was the first successful example of a merger and acquisition deal between Irrigation Industry in South India. The strong financial stability and high-tech Agricultural engineering techniques and passion towards Green India made this transaction unique, and thus highly successful. This led him to tie up with various international brands spread across the world.

He encouraged his new employees by saying, ''I will do my best to help you do your best,'' and, ''Keep knocking when the door shuts because it will open.'' Inspired by his determination to boost their morale, the employees began to flow positive energy back into the company. His dedication to his people was unparalleled. He remained true to his words, demonstrating his genuine compassion by engaging in conversations with each individual employee. His sincere care resonated throughout the company.

Meeting every hardship with determination, he successfully become Founder of Shiva Exports, Softscape Technologies, Kaveri Irrigations and now for Aqva star !!!